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Certified Airport Rating

Introduced in 2000, the World Airport Star Rating programme is a leading global Quality Evaluation system for the Airport industry.

quality performance

Certified Airport Rating is the only global airport quality ranking which is applied using a direct and professional analysis of Product and Service quality standards. Airport Ratings range from 1-Star through to the prestigious 5-Star Airport ranking. In 2017, Skytrax expanded the programme to include a dedicated ranking category for Regional Airports.

in-depth quality analysis

An Airport Rating is applied following in-depth quality analysis. Audit studies subject each airport to detailed and exacting Quality evaluation across all areas of customer-facing Product and Service standards.

a global programme

Certified Airport Rating is the global programme which provides the airport industry with a professional, unified Quality classification system that has become an internationally recognized symbol of airport standards.

the world's 5-star airports

The prestigious 5-Star Airport rating is awarded to airports achieving the highest, overall Quality performance, and is a Benchmark of global excellence. This top Airport rating recognises those airports providing excellent facilities for customers, which combine with high quality airport staff service.

5-star airports

The 5-Star Airport Rating is a unique mark of Quality Achievement and a global benchmark of Airport Excellence, awarded following detailed audit analysis and assessment of airport product and front-line service standards.

featured airports

Skytrax are adding airports to the Quality Rating programme on a continuous basis. If your airport is not featured and you would like further information please » Contact Us

airport star ratings

Ratings between 1-Star and 5-Star are applied for up to 800 customer-facing areas of airport product and service. Ratings are based on the front-line customer experience on the end-to-end journey through an airport.

regional airport rating category

Skytrax expanded the Certified Airport Rating programme in 2017 to include a dedicated ranking category for Regional Airports. This was introduced to enable proper Quality recognition of airports that predominantly focus on regional routes and / or domestic operations. The previous World Airport Rating applied a single ranking denomination for all airports, be they global mega hubs, regional or smaller airports.

Commenting on the change, Edward Plaisted of Skytrax said: “we found there was a perception in the industry that for an airport to achieve the highest Star classification it had to be a major international hub, and include all the amenities that such major hubs need to provide. With the rapid expansion of our Airport Quality Audit worldwide in the last 2 years, we have been finding that some regional or smaller airports are delivering the highest 4 or 5-Star standards to their customers, but not getting due recognition for this.”

For World Airport Rating, a regional airport classification is applied to airports that predominantly serve domestic or regional international flights (up to about 6 hours). They may also serve a small number of intercontinental routes, but the primary focus is on the short haul market. The format of Airport Audit that Skytrax conducts at airports worldwide is identical in approach for every type of airport covered – whether major, regional or domestic.


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