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Certified Airline Rating

Introduced in 1999, the World Airline Star Rating programme is a leading global Quality Evaluation system for the world airline industry.

quality performance

SKYTRAX World Airline Rating is the only global airline quality ranking programme applied through direct and professional analysis of Product and Service quality standards. Airline star Ratings range from 1-Star through to the prestigious 5-Star Airline ranking.

objective rating

Quality assessment uses a well-established approach to deliver accuracy, with objective ratings based on Skytrax unified, global standards. Star Ratings are awarded after in-depth analysis of front-line Product and Service quality.

featured airlines

Skytrax are adding airlines to the Quality Rating programme on a continuous basis. If your airline is not featured and you would like further information please » Contact Us

The world's 5-star airlines

The ultimate Quality Approval, the 5-Star Airline Rating is presently awarded to Ten airlines in the world, who are achieving the highest, overall Quality performance. It recognises high standards of Airport and Onboard Product, together with consistent and excellent standards of Staff Service delivery.

5-Star Airlines

The 5-Star Airline Rating is the original and unique mark of Quality Achievement and a global benchmark of Airline Excellence, awarded following detailed audit analysis and assessment of airline product and front-line service standards.

a global programme

Certified Airline Rating is a global programme providing the airline industry with a professional, unified Quality classification system, that has become an internationally recognized symbol of airline standards.

airline star ratings

A typical rating of standards is based on analysis of between 500 and 800 product and service delivery assessment items. This covers airport services at the airline’s hub, and onboard standards across all applicable cabin / aircraft types.

new airline rating categories

Skytrax expanded the World Airline Rating programme in 2017 to include dedicated ranking for:

  • Regional Airlines
  • Leisure Airlines
  • Low Cost Airlines

The introduction of these more focussed Rating types was approved to enable a more equitable ranking system to be applied to different airline types. Edward Plaisted of Skytrax explained: “the central purpose of our Airline Rating programme is to determine quality performance that is based on how well the airline performs in it’s target market. Whilst many expect that a 5-Star rating can only be applied to a full service, long haul airline, this is not true. If we determine for example that a low-cost airline is delivering the highest standards of service, core low-cost product and quality consistency to it’s customers, there is nothing to prevent them from achieving the 5-Star Low-Cost Airline rating. A similar scenario exists for Regional airlines and Leisure / Charter airlines.”


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