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World Airport Audit

The leading Product and Service quality improvement programme for the world airport industry, Skytrax have operated the audit for over 25 years.

World Airport Audit

The Audit delivers a complex quality analysis of all areas of Product and Service that passengers experience across the airport environment, and include detailed advisory recommendations for change and improvement.

It provides an accurate global Benchmark of airport service standards, this accuracy is supported by the Skytrax unified and global approach.


We have worked for over 200 airports around the world, from major global hubs to small domestic airports. We know the practicalities, the problems and the costs of achieving change, and we focus on creating quality improvement that is sustainable. In short, we know what works and provide each airport with our expertise of how to achieve positive change.


We developed our reputation and leadership of this specialist quality advisory and audit service for airports through a genuine dedication to improving standards. Our knowledge of global trends, customer expectations and focussing on each airport’s strengths allows us to prioritise every area of achievable change.

maximising quality potential

Our specialist expertise and experience of airport standards worldwide enables us to advise every airport on areas of required and potential quality improvement, together with change process implementation to ensure that changes happen.

Our primary aim is to ensure that every airport can maximise it’s Quality potential.

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The World Airport Audit is conducted for airports worldwide, providing an end-to-end quality analysis process and improvement advisory service for all front-line product and service standards. More than 75 per cent of the airports we work with conduct the audit on a regular basis.

We advise airport operators on all front-line product and service issues during the design and construction of new airports and terminals. Skytrax have helped many airports to ensure that new terminals / airports perform to the highest standard from opening, avoiding rectification costs.

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