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World Airline Audit

The leading Product and Service quality monitoring and improvement programme for the world airline industry, the World Airline Audit has operated for the last 32 years.

world airline audit

The Audit evaluates front-line product and service delivery quality performance. Performance analysis and Quality improvement advisory services provide real benefits to the airline.


We know the practicalities, problems and costs of achieving change, and creating quality improvement that is sustainable. We know what works and provide you with our expertise of how to achieve positive change.


We work to deliver real benefits. Learning that service or product weaknesses prevail does not help an airline. You need effective solutions and new ideas to achieve change, and policies to ensure consistent quality improvement.

unique expertise

Skytrax unique, specialist expertise and experience enables us to identify and advise every client airline on areas of required or potential quality improvement, together with change process implementation to ensure that changes happen. We work to improve quality by creating transformational improvement.

audit options

The most extensively used audit, it provides an end-to-end quality analysis process and improvement advisory service across product and service standards.

An audit of specific quality development proposals we discuss with the airline. This covers topics such as service process redesign, lounge design etc.

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